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What is SEO Optimized Article Writing?

Article writing is an essential part of the search engine optimization and requires the perfect knowledge of words. SEO optimized article writing is a bit different from general writing concepts. It requires appropriate usage of keywords that have good search volume. These keywords should be used proportionality to make the content effective for search engine and the visitors as well. The title of post, Meta title, Meta description, Meta tags and the body of an article should be filled with SEO oriented stuff. This helps your website appear in top search results whenever a user search for a specific query that matches the keywords of your website’s articles.

What we deliver?

We have a dedicated team of the experienced article writers who know the power of words and are capable of writing an SEO optimized article. With the perfect knowledge of grammar, we never make a mistake that makes an article look unprofessional. Our main focus is to create a title and Meta information that can gain maximum visibility in the search engine. The title grabs the attention of the reader whereas the Meta data attracts the search engine. Here are a few of our expertise while writing an SEO optimized article:

  • Writing an effective Meta title and Meta description
  • Creating 100% plagiarism free content
  • Using H1, H2 and H3 tags for heading
  • Using effective search tools to find out the best keywords
  • Following an easy to read approach while writing an article
  • Taking care of both the user and the search engine to gain full advantage
  • Using suitable keyword density to maintain natural tone of the article

What are the benefits of an SEO Optimized Article?

Your website will get increased organic traffic which will boost your online business. The organic rank of your website will improve in search engines. Visitors will come again and again because of article’s user friendliness.

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