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What is the Press Release?

A press release contains information that your business organization may wish to share with the general public through media distribution channels. For instance, a mobile phone company may want to announce its new flagship smartphone using the right media channels. It includes necessary complete details of the product being introduced, e.g. its features, benefits, functionalities and more. Therefore, a press release should be written with great care by the highly skilled writer.

What we deliver?

Only a professional wordsmith can handle the job of writing a stimulating press release. We get complete information about the product or service that needs to be publicized through a press release.  We are never hesitant in asking questions from our clients because wrong information should never be transmitted to a large group of people. This could cause serious misunderstandings and create problems for the company. So we truly work on writing a dedicated press release that can speak up and deliver the message of our client in a better way. Following things make us different from other press release writers:

  • We write press release using a professional yet user friendly tone
  • We check our copies for errors by proofreading a couple of times
  • Doing a thorough research and following the press release submission guidelines
  • Determining the best time for your press release or simply follow client’s instructions
  • Adding media such as images or videos to enhance the interest of readers
  • Completing the entire press release submission process in a delicate manner

What are the benefits of Press Release?

A skillfully press release written delivers the message nicely and inspires readers to act upon the message that company has delivered through the press release.  It can turn readers into customers which is beneficial for a healthy growth of your business. All renowned businesses around the world prefer press release submission to announce their products or services.

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