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XML HTML sitemap

What are the XML and HTML Sitemaps?

There are two types of sitemaps: XML and HTML. Each of these has different usage and worth for the search engine optimization. XML sitemaps are generally utilized to make sure that the search engine crawlers can easily index all URLs listed on a website. On the other hand, the HTML sitemaps are mainly built to assist website visitors or online shoppers. Each sitemap has exclusive weaknesses and strengths when it comes to technicalities of the search engine optimization. Teams with proficiency in the SEO industry understand roles of these sitemaps.

What we deliver?

We make sure that the HTML and XML sitemaps of your website are well-maintained so that both the customer and the search engine get served in a decent manner. We focus on maintaining the HTML sitemap in order to make the on-site browsing experience comfortable. Likewise, we design XML sitemap in such a way that the search engine finds more of your website’s content and hence improve the crawler’s experience. This simply helps your website’s content index faster in the search engine. Some of our major functions are given below:

  • Generating the XML sitemap to help search engines crawl every single page of your website
  • Generating the HTML sitemap so that your website delivers an awesome user experience
  • Creating XML sitemaps to take care of your website’s video content, mobile content, news content and geological content
  • Meeting the current standards of the XML and HTML sitemaps

What are the benefits of XML and HTML sitemaps?

Websites having the XML and HTML sitemaps get great acceptance from users and the search engine. A website with correct XML sitemap will be indexed in search engine far quicker than a website with no XML. As a result, Google can fetch your webpages faster and present it to online visitors to help your business grow swiftly.

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